A few days ago I was out on my Brompton doing a few errands.  One of my stops was Time Warner Cable.  There was a sign “No bikes allowed”.  Since a folded Brompton is smaller than a folded stroller I just folded my bike and brought it in.  The guy at the door didn’t even give my bike a second look.  Such is the joy of having a folding bike!

I took a number and waited for my turn.

I looked around and this phrase caught my eyes.

I look at my bike, then the sign, and the thought of how I connect to my world made me smile.


I’ve always considered myself fairly well read and tech savvy.  New technology?  No problem…got that covered with my “i” this and “i” that.  Don’t understand a new term?There’s always Google to the rescue.

I had not an iota of clue the first time I came across the term “panda” in a bike blog.  The writer was referencing it in passing but what was he talking about?  I know pandas as those black and white cuddly looking animals that hail from China.  The kind that you see in the zoo and go “awwwww!”  Didn’t think he was talking about this little guy.


I knew googling “panda” wouldn’t work so I googled “panda bike pictures” and I got these…didn’t think he was talking about these either.

Finally “panda bike photography” did the trick!  So it’s a picture taken of yourself, by yourseIf, while on your bike.  Cool!  Sounds easy…but I found out that the execution was not as easy as it seems.  I finally gave it a try today.

I went out early this morning and rode until I was in a low traffic area, then I pedaled really, really slowly and fired off quite a few shots hoping to get a decent panda picture. Between trying to keep my balance, not loosing my grip on the camera, watching out for potholes, glass bottles, twigs, cars, other bikers, and pedestrians, I managed to get ONE, yes, ONE shot that’s in focus that got enough of me and the bike.  I really have to work on my photography skills (or the lack of).

Now that I’ve tried it I have the utmost admiration for those who take beautiful pandas.  It’s TOUGH!!!


My favorite map!

Maps are great.  They are colorful, informative, and hold endless possibilities.  They tell you where you are and offer up a cornucopia of routes to take you to your destination.

Sometimes I use my favorite map to maximize my trips via bike lanes for safety, other times the “devil may care” attitude takes hold and I just ride where I feel like…of course always following the rules of the road.

Today I didn’t use my map and I was rewarded when I rode off the beaten path.

What’s In Your Bag?

I’ve always admired those people who are always well equipped to handle any conceivable situation that might pop up when one is out on a bike.  There’s always one in the group when you are out on a group ride.

They are the ones who carry in their bag a multi-tool kit that has various sized hex wrenches, spoke wrenches, and allen keys.  They have an air pump, spare tubes, patch kits, and a myriad of other bike tools that I don’t even know the names of.  If you need something on a ride, they have it.  Are you that person?

Me?  I am not that person.  This is my bag.


This is what’s in my bag.


I have my keys, wipes, neosporin, band aids, silk wallet from the dollar store, metro card, credit card, insurance card, expired license (for ID), cash, lip balm, hair tie, camera, phone, and tissues.  I don’t have any tools or gadgets that will get me through any bike repairs.

What I do carry that’ll help me in a biking situations is that little silver roll above my camera.

It’s a roll of reflective fabric.

No flash.


Now that it gets dark so early this is the one piece of “bike tool” that I have used.  It’s long enough that I’ve used it as a “belt”at night, and voila, I have 360 degree visibility.  It’s rather low tech until I find something better.

So what’s in your bag???


My Brompton had a playdate this weekend!  I went on an organized Brompton bike ride with over 20 other Brompton riders.  What a sight to behold!  A fleet of small wheeled folding bikes of multitude of colors whizzing through the streets of Manhattan on a perfect autumn afternoon.  We rode through different neighborhoods in Manhattan with various food stops along the way.  The plan was to ride, stop, eat, repeat, and repeat some more. We ate sandwiches with first names, imported candies and coffee, and cream puffs so fresh that they oozed with deliciousness.  What a great way to spend an afternoon!

One stop was Central Park where our bikes lined up for a group picture.

New York is great just about anytime of the year but there’s just something about Autumn in New York.  Cool and crisp…just the way I like it.

The weather was perfect and the leaves were in great vibrant colors.  Not to be outdone by nature, I do think these colorful Bromptons held their own.

There’s nothing like riding though Central Park…

and the streets of Manhattan…

on a bike.

Bike Shopping…Sort Of

I had a really fun day yesterday.  The weather was sunny and warm for November and it was a great day to go for a ride but I had to pick up a couple of things at Macy’s (The World’s Largest Store), so what’s a girl to do???  I rode my bike there!  Ok, riding in Central Park is one thing but to actually ride down Broadway during lunch time to go shopping is well…something else.  And you know what…it was actually manageable and dare I say “EXHILARATING”!!!  Protected bike lanes, lunch time crowds, fire trucks blaring, taxis everywhere, tourists everywhere, and me on my little bike going about my business.

The Broadway bike lane runs from 59th street to around 20th street, and Macy’s is at 34th street so I was able to take advantage of the bike lane all the way to the store.  The bike lane is pretty well paved and It was fairly easygoing except I had to be extra vigilant for the occasional pedestrian who doesn’t look and walks right into the bike lane mid-block (you know who you are), and tourists walking down the bike lane four abreast (what’s up with that?!?!).  I tried being very zen about it and made it to my destination with shopping in mind.

One thing good about having a folding bike is that I was able to fold it up and wheel it into Macy’s with me.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of that because I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that “HEY, I just brought a bike into Macy’s!!!”.  You know what I mean.

Now where else can I go with my bike?

Hello world!

Full confession here…I am new to WordPress and I am a total newbie when it comes to writing blogs.  I can’t even remember the last time that I had to write anything more than signing my name on a check.  Why did I start a blog?  I once heard that if you’re going to write about something then it should be something you’re passionate about.  Well, I like love to bike.  So what better than to start a blog about biking in NYC!

I have owned a bike in NYC for many years but work and the lack of bike lanes years ago had relegated me to the occasional rides in Central Park.  I think I probably rode my bike all of ten time all those years that I had my bike.  The rest of the time it was just stored in the basement of my building.

My current bike is seven months old and I have ridden it hundreds of miles already!  It’s a Brompton folding bike.

I have ridden it in the Tour de Queens, The NYC Century Bike Tour, The Tour de Bronx, and numerous other smaller organized rides.  Now that there are more bike lanes in NYC than ever I even get to ride it to do my everyday errands.

Did I mention that it folds up small enough to fit in a shopping cart?