Bike Shopping…Sort Of

I had a really fun day yesterday.  The weather was sunny and warm for November and it was a great day to go for a ride but I had to pick up a couple of things at Macy’s (The World’s Largest Store), so what’s a girl to do???  I rode my bike there!  Ok, riding in Central Park is one thing but to actually ride down Broadway during lunch time to go shopping is well…something else.  And you know what…it was actually manageable and dare I say “EXHILARATING”!!!  Protected bike lanes, lunch time crowds, fire trucks blaring, taxis everywhere, tourists everywhere, and me on my little bike going about my business.

The Broadway bike lane runs from 59th street to around 20th street, and Macy’s is at 34th street so I was able to take advantage of the bike lane all the way to the store.  The bike lane is pretty well paved and It was fairly easygoing except I had to be extra vigilant for the occasional pedestrian who doesn’t look and walks right into the bike lane mid-block (you know who you are), and tourists walking down the bike lane four abreast (what’s up with that?!?!).  I tried being very zen about it and made it to my destination with shopping in mind.

One thing good about having a folding bike is that I was able to fold it up and wheel it into Macy’s with me.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of that because I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that “HEY, I just brought a bike into Macy’s!!!”.  You know what I mean.

Now where else can I go with my bike?


4 thoughts on “Bike Shopping…Sort Of

    • Thanks Bert. Love your shop. Always a pleasure whenever I’m there. My Brommie is great and I use it whenever I want to go anywhere. Have had a few folding demonstration requests while I’m on the road. It sure gets quite a bit of attention!

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