My Brompton had a playdate this weekend!  I went on an organized Brompton bike ride with over 20 other Brompton riders.  What a sight to behold!  A fleet of small wheeled folding bikes of multitude of colors whizzing through the streets of Manhattan on a perfect autumn afternoon.  We rode through different neighborhoods in Manhattan with various food stops along the way.  The plan was to ride, stop, eat, repeat, and repeat some more. We ate sandwiches with first names, imported candies and coffee, and cream puffs so fresh that they oozed with deliciousness.  What a great way to spend an afternoon!

One stop was Central Park where our bikes lined up for a group picture.

New York is great just about anytime of the year but there’s just something about Autumn in New York.  Cool and crisp…just the way I like it.

The weather was perfect and the leaves were in great vibrant colors.  Not to be outdone by nature, I do think these colorful Bromptons held their own.

There’s nothing like riding though Central Park…

and the streets of Manhattan…

on a bike.


6 thoughts on “Playdate

  1. I love going on group rides and the novelty of being able to go with a pack of other Brompton riders must have been even more fun. I’m hoping that we are about to embark on a move that will allow me to justify buying a Brompton. The fold is so, so amazing. I love my little Dahon but the fold just isn’t quite there.

    • We also have a Dahon in the family and while it’s also a great bike the Brompton fold is just so much more efficient. I would think nothing of going into most places with my Brompton because it folds so small. Best part is I never have to carry a lock anymore! Let me know which color you pick. 😉

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