I’ve always considered myself fairly well read and tech savvy.  New technology?  No problem…got that covered with my “i” this and “i” that.  Don’t understand a new term?There’s always Google to the rescue.

I had not an iota of clue the first time I came across the term “panda” in a bike blog.  The writer was referencing it in passing but what was he talking about?  I know pandas as those black and white cuddly looking animals that hail from China.  The kind that you see in the zoo and go “awwwww!”  Didn’t think he was talking about this little guy.


I knew googling “panda” wouldn’t work so I googled “panda bike pictures” and I got these…didn’t think he was talking about these either.

Finally “panda bike photography” did the trick!  So it’s a picture taken of yourself, by yourseIf, while on your bike.  Cool!  Sounds easy…but I found out that the execution was not as easy as it seems.  I finally gave it a try today.

I went out early this morning and rode until I was in a low traffic area, then I pedaled really, really slowly and fired off quite a few shots hoping to get a decent panda picture. Between trying to keep my balance, not loosing my grip on the camera, watching out for potholes, glass bottles, twigs, cars, other bikers, and pedestrians, I managed to get ONE, yes, ONE shot that’s in focus that got enough of me and the bike.  I really have to work on my photography skills (or the lack of).

Now that I’ve tried it I have the utmost admiration for those who take beautiful pandas.  It’s TOUGH!!!


6 thoughts on “Pandas

  1. Panda shots are great. What I enjoy about them is they so often reflect the cyclist’s joy of being on his or her bike. My husband took one of himself last fall and it caught me following him in the background. We both looked so happy, with big smiles on our faces.

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