My favorite map!

Maps are great.  They are colorful, informative, and hold endless possibilities.  They tell you where you are and offer up a cornucopia of routes to take you to your destination.

Sometimes I use my favorite map to maximize my trips via bike lanes for safety, other times the “devil may care” attitude takes hold and I just ride where I feel like…of course always following the rules of the road.

Today I didn’t use my map and I was rewarded when I rode off the beaten path.


What’s In Your Bag?

I’ve always admired those people who are always well equipped to handle any conceivable situation that might pop up when one is out on a bike.  There’s always one in the group when you are out on a group ride.

They are the ones who carry in their bag a multi-tool kit that has various sized hex wrenches, spoke wrenches, and allen keys.  They have an air pump, spare tubes, patch kits, and a myriad of other bike tools that I don’t even know the names of.  If you need something on a ride, they have it.  Are you that person?

Me?  I am not that person.  This is my bag.


This is what’s in my bag.


I have my keys, wipes, neosporin, band aids, silk wallet from the dollar store, metro card, credit card, insurance card, expired license (for ID), cash, lip balm, hair tie, camera, phone, and tissues.  I don’t have any tools or gadgets that will get me through any bike repairs.

What I do carry that’ll help me in a biking situations is that little silver roll above my camera.

It’s a roll of reflective fabric.

No flash.


Now that it gets dark so early this is the one piece of “bike tool” that I have used.  It’s long enough that I’ve used it as a “belt”at night, and voila, I have 360 degree visibility.  It’s rather low tech until I find something better.

So what’s in your bag???